Business Practices

I am delighted you have chosen to explore Simply Sincere Ceremonies for your needs.


The Goal:
I will do my best to partner with you to assist you in creating a ceremony for your special occasion that will be memorable for all.

The Approach:

The approach will always be from the Heart and Soul, bringing body, mind and spirit together to create sacred space for these special moments. Whether  you are looking for services such as a wedding, memorial or blessing, it is a blending of Spirit, skills, and experience that brings it all together.

We begin with a free consultation to assess your needs; services, time requirements, travel, etc. At that time we determine fees based on your needs. A simple agreement will be completed outlining  services to be provided, payment and timelines. Half the fee is due at signing, the balance is due in installments or the last week before the ceremony or ritual.

Basic fee structure:

Payment due at outlined.   Check or charge accepted. Receipts are available on request and will be emailed.


Cancellations – Please call or text me if you unable to keep your appointment. Please give 24 hour notice if possible. Late or no show arrivals are to be kept to an absolute minimum. I understand that sometimes it is unavoidable, we are all human and circumstances do arise. Please call as soon as you know there may be an issue. If ‘no shows’ happen frequently; I reserve the right to charge for a missed session, however I do not expect this to be much of an issue. Most clients are quite courteous in this regard. Thank you in advance.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is support in times of spiritual questioning, crisis, or life’s changes.  Initial consults are available to assess each parties comfort in working together. Connection is vital in exploring  matters of the heart and spirit. Fees will be set at beginning of working relationship.

Termination of services:
Services are offered at your request. You may discontinue at any time you deem necessary.
Spiritual Care sessions are terminated when no longer desired.